January 21, 2011

Club A Steakhouse: The Verdict

The restaurant was warm and inviting. Red walls, two fire places, a unique decanter on each table, along with a single red rose. The service was perfect. Friendly, attentive waiters, but not too friendly, or too attentive.

Disclaimer: I eat at NYC restaurants all the time, and so am totally spoiled, especially since the advent of the glorious Restaurant Week (which is now two weeks, twice a year).

The food was meh. They had a "special" menu just for Yelpers. How... nice. (What I thought was a Groupon was actually a deal from Yelp, who, wisely, now mimics Groupon deals.) Anyway, the special menu was okay. Since I always order as though I were a 190-pound man, while Graybeard orders like a petite brunette, I ordered the bacon appetizer--a thick slab of bacony ham with BBQ sauce. It looked wonderful, but tasted pretty fatty, and not in a mouth-wateringly melty way. So I traded He Who Has Willpower for his carrot soup, which was divine. It tasted like the liquid form of the sweetest, orangest, brightest carrot that I've ever had. I shall look up a carrot soup recipe forthwith.

The included wine was a $10 bottle of pinot grigio. (I know, I've bought it before.) Though it was a nice $10 bottle of wine.

Next, the entree and the side. We assumed that at a steak place one must order steak. Our steak options were filet mignon and hanger steak, and so we ordered one of each. Filet mignon is not my favorite, but it was cooked very well, at Graybeard's preferred medium-rare. I ordered the hanger steak, medium, and it was a little chewy. We both chose the fries as sides, as our only other options were dairy-filled creamed spinach and mashed potatoes of doom. The fries, sprinkled with an unidentified herb, were fine.

For dessert, my Lactaid-taking hubby had the tiramisu, which he devoured in seconds. That man has never met a tiramisu he doesn't like. (When we went to Italy for our honeymoon he had tiramisu, no joke, every single day but one, when it was nowhere to be found.) I got the carrot cake, because it was the least dairy-filled option. I only had a couple bites, just to taste it. I did dip into the whipped cream for three tiny, tiny bites. I know, BAD! I am weak. But, holy freaking cow, it was heavenly. NO FAIR that I cannot eat dairy when most of my fellow Americans can. No fair. Grumble. Anyway, I'm not a big dessert person anyway, so let's forget about all that.

Overall, the atmosphere was very warm, cozy, and charming, especially on a cold, snowy night. The food was decent, though you never know how much your discount affects the experience--maybe it would've been amazing if we had ordered from the regular menu and paid full price. As during the wonderful, the amazing, Restaurant Week (that starts next week! Yay!), sometimes a restaurant treats you like you're paying full price, and you file that away for a future visit for a special occasion. Other times they act like they're suffering through RW, and you write them off entirely. They treated us wonderfully here, but I wouldn't pay $160 for that meal (or even $80 again, for that matter). However, I might go back for a drink at the bar, just for the atmosphere, and that wonderful carrot soup.

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