January 25, 2011

The Consolation Bowl

In consolation for his loss (er… the Jets’ loss), I baked Graybeard brownies. But not just any brownies: Rocky Road Brownies.

Great disappoint called for great brownies, and a bowl game of our own. Therefore, as we sat on the sofa eating/wolfing down (depending on which of us you are) marshmallow- and pecan-smothered rich chocolaty brownies, I defeated Graybeard at Risk. Not nice, I know, but necessary. He beat me last game, and I couldn’t let that happen again.

Last night, the world was mine, thanks to our great friend Doug, who introduced us to Risk on the iPhone. I will never play Risk as a board game again. While fun, it’s agonizingly slow, and it took me years (and beers) to persuade a few friends to play it with me recently anyway, and I doubt I could convince anyone to do it again for several more years, when their memories of the pain and drain have faded. You really have to carve out an entire day to play it, and people I know don't seem to think it's worth it. And now, thanks to the iPhone version, neither do I. I much prefer defeating my husband in battle in a mere 30 minutes rather than dragging it out all day.

But enough about my military prowess, let’s get back to the brownies. It is possible that I may have thoughtlessly started heating up black bean soup in the microwave that I was using as a timer, losing all idea of how long the brownies had been in the oven, and therefore overcooking them a bit. The marshmallows were a little more golden and less gooey than intended, but they still tasted great, just a little extra crispy. I recommend waiting till after the brownies come out of the oven before heating up your black bean soup.

Graybeard called me a nerd today for taking these pictures. Knowing nothing about photography, I read up on it a bit and learned that natural light is best. Seeing as how the pictures I took last night under the yellow kitchen light didn’t capture the hearty chunkiness of the brownies, I plated them today, set them on a cutting board on a stack of books on the windowsill, and took pictures for 10 minutes. Apparently that’s not cool. Well I’ll be uncool for you any day, my hungry reader(s). (I usually am anyway, so there’s no difference really. Graybeard should know that by now.) I tried to get the snow-covered trees in the background, but that eluded my present skill set (if you wanted to be generous and call it that).

This recipe is also from EatingWell magazine’s October 2010 issue. The Curried Chicken Thighs turned out so mouthwateringly (we just finished them off for lunch, and they were possibly even more tasty today), that I decided to try another of its recipes posthaste. I’m not sure about all the rules of blogging yet, so I don’t know whether I can copy a recipe word for word; so to be on the safe side, check it out here: Rocky Road Brownies. Best part about the brownies: milk-free, no adaptations necessary.

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  1. The curried chicken thighs are definitely a top-5 all-time favorite meal. Delish.