January 8, 2011


The Husband has requested that I refer to him as Graybeard on my blog (as well as in everyday life). It's a little thing, and I am debating humoring him, on the blog at least. The problem is that he does not, in fact, have a gray beard. Nor a beard, for that matter. The Husband thinks that he has a baby face and that the three and a half gray hairs that appear in his stubble warrant the name Graybeard. He looks forward to the day when his hair gleams silver in the sunlight (ah, to be a man) so that people will treat him like the 33-year old (34 next week) he is, not the kid he thinks he looks like. In the meantime, it follows that the nickname Graybeard will lead people to believe that he's older. Right? I shall ponder it.


  1. Huh! The photo is just the way I always think of him.

  2. Ha! His imaginary beard gets 4-foot long sliver hairs all over the place.