January 8, 2011

Non-Carnivorous Vegans

Or, as they call themselves, vegans. For the record, I want to say that I very much respect vegans. For them veganism is not merely a convenient tool, but a philosophy and lifestyle that rejects the exploitation of animals, for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. I find that incredibly admirable. Vegans take their commitment seriously. I can't eat dairy for health reasons, and I have a hard time doing that, whereas vegans actually choose to not eat dairy for ethical reasons. That's pretty badass. Vegans are no joke.

I think that one day most people will be vegan. Not anytime soon of course--maybe our great great grandkids--and that those young whippersnappers will look back at us with horror and disgust for ever eating the flesh of another living creature.

But for now I run away from the good people of PETA, with their videos and their fliers and their ethical treatment of animals, because I already feel so limited by not eating dairy, that I can't stand the thought of giving up meat too. I know that I would have a hard time savoring a bloody steak if I read their literature and watched their shocking videos. Crispy bacon that melts in my mouth is just too good. Sorry for now piggies.

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