February 9, 2011

It's My (brother's) 30th Birthday!

I didn’t make it to my final Restaurant Week destination. Graybeard and I had too much to do, what with my baby brother coming into town for the weekend to celebrate the demise of his youth. As much as I wanted it to, my apartment wasn't cleaning itself. Plus, 30 is a big birthday, so we had to put up streamers and a banner, like Mom always did for us growing up.

And he had to have a cake.

Don't tell Baby Bro, who is a carnivorous non-vegan, but that cake is milk-free, made from a mix, courtesy of Dr Oetker. The icing too. I didn't have time to bake a cake from scratch, so I found organic cake and icing mixes that miraculously had no milk in the ingredients, and then when I made it I, of course, substituted rice milk for milk and Earth Balance for butter. The cake didn't blow my mind, but it is great to have cake and icing mix options--organic no less!--for when time is short. We had so much food on Super Bowl Sunday that the cake was really just a token anyway, though Baby Bro did have a huge piece.

Everyone should have cake on his birthday, and homemade (even from a box) is the best kind. Besides, I owe Baby Bro that, as when we lived together when he was in college (and I was just out of it), he attempted to make me a birthday cake. It didn't make it out of the pan in one piece (or two, or three, or four...), but he attempted to frost it anyway, yellow crumbs mixed with the chocolate frosting, and left a note next to it before he went to class that said, "Well, I tried. Happy Birthday anyway." How cute is that?

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