February 23, 2011

San Francisco, why you gotta be so cold?

Why did no one ever tell me that California is a cold, gray, dreary place where it rains non-stop every day? I am back from a week in California—my very first visit ever—and someone should’ve told me to bring my rain gear, not to mention my heaviest winter coat and boots. Yes, I checked the weather before heading out to Cali and saw that the high was in the 50s and low in the 40s the entire time, but I packed a few short-sleeved shirts anyway. Because I was going to California. High in the low 50s can’t mean the same thing there, I thought. It must be a warm 50 degrees. Well, just in case you were wondering, 50 degrees does in fact mean the same thing in CA as it does in NY. I know. What the crap? I was in CA and I was cold the entire time.

The average monthly high for San Francisco, it turns out, is in the 60s. Which explains why no one wore a proper coat (raincoats and fleeces are not appropriate for 50-degree weather) and why it’s just as cold inside as outside, and everyone keeps their jackets on inside—they have to get used to the cold, or they would have heat on all year long, and that would get expensive. So they must just get used to being kind of cold all year long. Sounds real amazing, San Francisco. And to think that people talk about your weather like it’s a good thing.

Also, spandex. Really? Is spandex appropriate for 50-degree weather? Is spandex appropriate for any weather? Then why does everyone in SF wear it? Maybe because they have to walk up those massive hills, and as their reward they feel that it’s their right to show off their shapely glutes and thighs. I will give them that. Everyone looks fit in SF.

Those fit people in CA are also very concerned about the environment and health. I saw a banner on a light pole that said “Sustainability: A San Francisco State of Mind.” How cool is that?

Even cooler: on the menu at One Market, there sits a little v next to all dishes that are vegetarian. Even better, there is a little vg next to all dishes that are vegan! And a note saying that other items can be prepared vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free! Seriously. This is my dream for the future. Restaurants where all food allergies, intolerances, and preferences are willingly accommodated. This wasn’t some hippie joint in the Mission either, it was a Michelin-rated restaurant in the Financial District! You do not need me to tell you how cool that is.

We had a lunch of ahi tuna burgers with mizuna and shaved fennel salad with saffron aioli (so good), roasted Brussels sprouts with applewood-smoked bacon, and tater tots. Yum.

So, while CA may be a cold, dark place, the inadequately coated spandexed people seem pretty cool, and I will be back.


  1. Looks scrumptious. Ahi is one of my favorites. They make a great ahi salad at a restaurant on Lake St. Clair around Jefferson Beach Marina. Mm-m-m! Check it out next time you are in town.

  2. Cool! I haven't been back to MI in so long, but I keep dreaming of visiting everybody and bringing G there. Hopefully we can do that sooner rather than later. (And try that ahi while we're there!) Maybe it's a good place for the next family reunion.