March 8, 2011

How Sweet It Is know what to do with my brick of brown sugar. Aunt J. and my sister-in-law S.C. have not only provided me with ideas about how to prevent brick building, but also about what to do about my current brick:
  • Put it in the microwave until it becomes moist and soft (while watching it carefully). Easy!
  • Use Terra Cotta brown sugar disks ( Intriguing! I might just have to try one.
To prevent the need for either of those, they recommend the following:
  • Put a slice of bread in with the brown sugar.
  • Keep your BS in an airtight zip top bag. (And your brown sugar too.)
  • Put the bags in the freezer.
  • Toss a couple of large marshmallows in with the BS.
In the past I've tried adding one marshmallow in what was presumably an airtight resealable bag and it didn't work. However, NYC apartments are hot and dry in the winter, so maybe a marshmallow or zip top bag will do the trick in a more humid climate, like Texas, ya'll.

Thanks for the great ideas, Aunt J. and S.C.! (P.S. What would you ladies like me to call you on here anyway)?


  1. I have also heard of putting an apple slice in there, but mine doesn't really stick around long enough to get hard. Oh and the apple cake in the previous post...YUM!

  2. Thanks for the idea, Sarena! That's probably the best solution... use it faster! :)