March 31, 2011

Radioactive Milk (or: It's A Good Time to Be a Carnivorous Vegan)

Trace amounts of radiation from Japan have been found in milk in California and Washington. Not to worry though. The radioactive iodine would have to be 5000 times higher than current levels for authorities to intervene. A little radioactive iodine in milk never hurt anyone. (That we know of. Yet.) You might just want to cut back on it for a while though.

There is also radiation in the rain water on the East Coast. Don't worry about that either, because it's only a little bit, and that's all we're going to get, right? I mean, everything's totally under control in Japan now, so the wind will stop carrying radiation over our way in a couple of days.

Oh, wait, it's not under control; the struggle is ongoing. Radiation that has already been released is still making its way around the world, right? And more radiation is being released by the minute, with no end in sight, unless I'm missing something. But don't worry, I'm sure that it's all fine. Don't worry about that milk. You can just leave it in the fridge for eight days, and then the radioactive iodine should be gone. Of course, your milk will be spoiled, but it won't be radioactive anymore. However, by then everything else might be. Not to be a downer, but maybe it's time to pray for a dry season.

In good news, what this means is that our milk and drinking water are being monitored in the U.S. and we are being told about it, so if it does reach dangerous levels we should know. I'm happy about that. In the meantime, as of today I'm finding it much easier to be a Carnivorous Vegan. And you might want to consider temporarily being one too.

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