March 24, 2011

San Francisco Eats: Quince

The next night was Quince, where Graybeard smothered my creative inclinations. He wouldn't let me take pictures. It was a super fancy place, and I would've been embarrassed to pull out my camera anyway, so I didn't object. The decor: brown. Seriously, San Fran, what is up with all that brown? However, it was very elegant, with super high ceilings, and a hushed, classy atmosphere. I'm afraid we were a bit underdressed, with our layers of sweat jackets over our sweaters, under our inadequate coats (San Fran: weather! Work on it.) Yet even as they watched us peel off all the layers to prove that we were not total bums, they treated us like we owned the place.

The food, however: too fancy. They tried too hard to make it really complicated and different and yet tiny, and I wasn't impressed. It was fine. I would've preferred ribs and potato salad. However, the service was incredible, and the atmosphere, though brown, was very elegant. The complimentary amuse bouche and the free dessert bites were the best parts. If I could have had those in meal-sized portions, this would be a glowing review. Of course, they were all composed almost completely of milk products, so of course they were amazing, and I couldn't have ordered them anyway.

Next up, our last, and best meal in San Francisco: Burma Superstar!

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