March 19, 2011

San Francisco Treats

Despite its weather, San Francisco does have some pretty great things going for it. I came upon the following on my trip last month:

1. Vegan doughnuts.

I found these in the Ferry Building Marketplace, which is like Chelsea Market in NYC. Pepples Organic Donuts make these beauties. I had the one on the bottom left in the above picture. It tasted just like a cinnamon roll, only the texture was denser--more bready. So pretty.

2. Bread shaped like alligators, turtles, crabs, and mauled bears.

These creatures were held captive in Boudin Bakery at the Fisherman's Wharf.

3. Composting bins everywhere.

There are compost bins alongside trash cans and recycle bins all over the city. So cool. At home, every time that I throw away vegetable scraps and coffee grounds I dream of the day when I will have a yard so that I can compost outside. As it is, after seeing No Impact Man (very interesting documentary, btw), Graybeard will not let me even think about composting in an apartment. Turns out that maggots very much enjoy compost, and Graybeard does not very much enjoy maggots.

You can drop waste off for composting at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturdays, but that means that you have to make it to the greenmarket every Saturday or you'll have been courting maggots for naught.

4. Deer ghosts.

Three times I tried to take a picture of what appeared to be a sculpture of a deer, and each time the picture looked like this. I can only come to one conclusion: It was a ghost. A little boy walking with his parents in front of me sensed this. “It’s sad because it's not alive anymore,” he moaned. His parents laughed and said that it was just a sculpture, and was never alive. But maybe the kid was right: It (the ghost) was sad because it wasn’t alive anymore.

5. Tulipmaina.

I did not make that word up. It was Tulipmania when we were there. Tulips had just been planted all over because apparently tulips need cold weather to bloom. So they were blooming their bulbs off.

6. This guy.

Who belongs with these guys.

These merfrogs are in a fountain at the Palo Alto mall. I want one.

7. Fantastic trees.

We have trees in New York City. (I swear.) But they must not be that interesting, because I was enchanted by the trees in California. We spent a few days in Palo Alto before heading up to SF, during which time I wandered around while Graybeard worked. As I walked from the Stanford campus to meet Graybeard at his office, I noticed an orange rotting on the sidewalk. That seemed unusual, until I looked up to see a huge orange tree full of fruit. I started paying more attention to the trees and saw a lemon or orange tree in just about every yard. The things I would do with those lemons and oranges. Can you imagine having fresh-squeezed orange juice every day? I kind of want to move to CA just to grow fruit trees in my yard. It was raining just about every second I was in Palo Alto, so I didn't get any pictures of those trees. However, I did get pictures of the following trees.

All the trees in CA looked fantastically windswept. This was at the super fancy Palo Alto mall.

The trees in the next two pictures are in the Rodin Sculpture Garden at Standford.

The next two pictures are of fantastic trees that look like Van Gogh painted them, and I desperately want a house so that I can plant them in my yard. Does anyone know what kind of trees these are?

Next are a couple of trees from Golden Gate Park.

What are your favorite things about San Francisco? Palo Alto? Would you move there just so you could grow fruit trees in your yard?

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  1. I like how a lot of SF restaurants are locally sourced. For example, Radius gets all of its food within 100 miles of the restaurant and is entirely organic (and possibly totally pesticide free). I ate the best chicken breast of my lifetime there. Maybe it's because they don't freeze anything. In any event, that's a pretty cool thing about SF too.