April 28, 2011

Cookies Cream - Best Restaurant in Berlin

My friend Robin, who somehow always knows the absolute coolest places to go, recommended Cookies Cream for dinner in Berlin. She doesn't even live in Berlin, never has, and yet she sent us to the coolest place we went to on our trip with the best food. I don't know how she does that.

Cookies Cream is located in an alley. In her article in The New York Times, Gisela Williams describes it well: "Finding Cookies Cream is tricky. This upscale restaurant is tucked at the end of a garbage-filled alleyway behind the Westin Grand Hotel, upstairs from a club called Cookies." If you want to see this for yourself, go to their website and follow the dots. That's exactly the path we took. Good thing we were forewarned or we would have turned around. And good thing we didn't turn around, because the food was fantastic.

With help from Michael Kempf, chef at the Michelin-starred Facil, the menu offers creative vegetarian dishes like pumpkin-lime soup with chutney," says The New York Times. The dishes were crazy sounding, and we had no idea what we were ordering. We weren't sure whether the ingredients were just really unusual and we had never heard of them, or whether they butchered the English there instead of meat. For example, Graybeard ordered the "pear barley" something or other as his entree. There was no sweetness to it, so we were confused, until we realized they meant pearl barley. I wish now that I had taken a picture of the menu, because I would try to recreate each and every thing we had there (once I translated the Genglish to English), starting with the salad, made of some sort of baby greens, crushed up pistachios (genius on a salad), and a fantastic vinaigrette. It was so simple, and yet one of the best salads I've ever had.

(Sorry about the picture quality. None of these turned out well.)

I had the celery gnocchi entree, with some kind of green that I'm not familar with that looked like super skinny asparagus but tasted a little like broccoli rabe, and sun-dried tomatoes in some kind of broth. This was very unique, and I liked it.

This is Graybeard's "pear barley" strudel entree, I think they called it. I'm really not at all sure what was in it, only that it was amazing, and we both want to eat it again.

Next time you're in Berlin, go here.


  1. What about the no photo policy in Cookies Cream?

  2. No photo policy? Who are you, the cops?

  3. Ha! I got in trouble there for YOU, my extremely good-looking readers. When I tried to take a picture of the restaurant, a waitress sprinted in front of my camera and flung her arms up. I'm not sure whether anyone famous was in the restaurant at the time, but apparently their policy is no pictures of the restaurant for the sake of other peoples' privacy. Also, no pictures of their painting with a certain F word in German and the logo of a credit card company on it, as they had already been sued for copyright infringement once because of it. So only pictures of the each other and the food were allowed, as the poor waitress had to explain to people all night long.

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