April 6, 2011

The Inspired Palo Alto

Does it mean that I’m not hip if I like Palo Alto better than San Francisco? Even in the rain I loved Palo Alto. I think it was the trees that really won me over, and the thought of Graybeard making me freshly squeezed orange juice every morning using just-picked oranges from our backyard trees, then cooking me an extravagant breakfast, after massaging my feet and mowing the lawn shirtless, of course. (What’s that, Graybeard? I can’t quite hear you. Oh, well, I’m sure it’s nothing important.)

Oh Palo Alto: Ye of the exhilarated trees:

Merfrog fountains:

Bounty of foliage:

Every single house completely different.

The orange and lemon trees heavy with bright oranges and lemons.

The Stanford campus huge and spread out and low:

Where people ride bikes everywhere, and bike racks are cleverly hidden behind shrubs:

Where as I wandered around the Stanford Campus someone asked me whether the Coupa Café by the Green Library was open on the weekends. (I look like I could go to Stanford. I knew it.)

And where I discovered this in a coffee shop for normal people:

It’s an inspired lemon lavender cookie of tranquility. A.k.a., a delicious vegan cookie. (Well, part of a vegan cookie. I got halfway through eating it before coming out of my brain fog of happiness and realizing that it must be photographed.) Of course you can find vegan cookies here and there in health food stores, but they are still a rare find, and even more so in a coffee shop, and especially one so delicious. I must admit, the basket of pretty vegan cookies made me fall a little in love with Palo Alto, that a coffee shop would sell a vegan anything. I must support such a thing, so I bought the Lemon Lavender cookie.

I didn’t eat it there, but wish I had, because then I would have bought more and brought them home to savor for weeks. Such was my delight with the cookie that I checked out The Inspired Cookie’s website to see whether these delightful morsels are sold anywhere in NYC. Seeing that they are not, and really wanting them to be, I wrote Sarah at the The Inspired Cookie and asked her to break into the NYC market, and recommended a few places for her to try. We exchanged a few lovely emails (she is super sweet, which makes me like her cookies even more), and said that she does want to sell in NYC, and in fact is already selling at Elm Health. I raced over to the Upper East Side location, and they didn't have them. I'm not sure whether they were sold out. I should've asked the manager.

If you live in CA, you’re in luck. They are in stores all over. If you’re in NYC, you can order them online. And order me a few while you're at it!

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