May 6, 2011

Introducing Cosmos

I think many of you have met my miraculous kitten Cosmos, but for those who you who haven't, I would like to introduce you. This is Cosmos:

He does cute things like glare at me when I take pictures of him:

And look unamused by me while hiding under the covers:

He likes to sit in boxes:

And in closets:

And in bags:

Even after he's torn them to shreds:

He hogs the blankets:

And sometimes stays in bed all day:

He sees into your soul:

He does all these things very cutely.

Just don't call him Cosmo. It makes him crazy when people think he's named after a Seinfeld character.


  1. Oh man, he's cute. I even think he's cute when he deliberately marches on my face during the night because he's lonely.

  2. As an occasional pet sitter for Cosmos, I can attest to how cute he is and the marching on the face thing...
    cathy o'

  3. Unbelievably adorable. Cosmos is in danger of cat-napping if and when come through NYC, so be on the lookout for us... xo

  4. Thanks, Amy! I know, he is the cutest ever. I cannot allow cat-napping, but if you ever want to cat sit on a visit, G could always use a vacation! We would love to see you guys next time you're in town. We'll have you over for dinner so you can meet Cosmos. :)

  5. you'll never believe this but we may have a feline friend living with us, too (who looks very much like cosmos, btw). we'll talk more later!

  6. Ooo, a kitty! How did that happen? MW, we must get dinner somewhere soon!