May 4, 2011

Keukenhof: Tulip Heaven (Heaven, I tell you!)

I planned to write about my recent trip to Berlin and Amsterdam in semi-great detail and in the order in which it occurred, but it turned out that it's hard to blog while sightseeing, and then as I soon as I returned home I dove right into studying for my chemistry test, which was last Sunday (and that I think I did very well on, thanks for asking). Now I have a minute to blog, and I don't want to think about museums on a cold day in Berlin, I want to look at pictures of flowers.

Something you should know about me: I love flowers. Love. I'm not sure whether you've ever watched the fourth hour of The Today Show. If you have, you've probably seen Hoda Kotb's reaction when they play a song from her iPod. At the opening chords of any song that she likes it's like they've flipped a switch on her back, and she's instantly happy. A huge smile appears on her face and she's immediately dancing in her chair and snapping her fingers. It's a lovely thing to behold (even though sometimes her song preferences are more endearingly adorable than actually good).

Flowers make me happy like that. I dance when I see them. (Though my dancing is of the internal variety.) In The Netherlands I went to one of the most wonderful places I've ever been: the flower show at Kuekenof. It's only open for two months a year in the spring, and I'm so fortunate that we were there during that time. I want to live there. From now on, for two months a year, you can find me in Holland. I won't have an exact address, as I imagine that nobody would let me actually live in the park, so I'll have to hide in the flowerbeds at closing time, which I am perfectly willing to do (though Graybeard might take some convincing, as I'm fairly certain that his insides don't dance at the thought of waking up in a bed of tulips).

This is not a food-related post (unless you eat flowers), though I will get back to those soon, I swear. I just want to share the flowers with you first. It's good for the soul.

We were told that Van Gogh's impressionist paintings were inspired by the tulip fields in Holland. Can't you just see that?

I wandered around gasping and exclaiming things like "Look at those! They're so beautiful!", "I don't know where to look, it's all so amazing!", "I want to live here!", "When we have a yard, we're planting those. And those! And those!", and "We're going to need a really big yard." Graybeard, to his credit, was very patient, and even conceded that, "yes, the flowers are pretty."

It pains me that I cannot post more pictures. I mean, I suppose I can, but even if you really like flowers, how many pictures of them are you willing to look at right now? I'm probably already pushing your limits with these ones. However, in case you too would live in a flowerbed, you can check out some of the bajillions of pictures I posted on Flicker. (Let me know if that link doesn't work.)


  1. Amazingly beautiful! You are not only a great cook, but also a great flower photographer! :) When you get that house and yard, I'll help you plant all your bulbs. Mom C.

  2. Thanks, Mom! What great compliments! They sold tulip bulbs everywhere in The Netherlands, and I almost bought you some, but I didn't know whether they would grow in Texas. I've heard they need sandy soil and cold weather to bloom. You might have to go back there for me and get some bulbs. Now I just need a yard, and then I would love your help with my garden. :)

  3. I love the photos. I never realized just how spectacular it would be. My 4 year old asked if they let you pick them? I am guessing no....cathy o