May 9, 2011

Natalie and the Boots (very specific Giveaway for women who wear size 7.5 boots!)

Natalie was my best friend at St. Paul's elementary school. She was the nicest, prettiest girl in my class, and I wanted to be just like her. Even though Russ, the boy I had a crush on (who had one leg shorter than the other), had a huge crush on her, I couldn't hold it against her. She was such a great girl.

In fourth grade, my dad's company transferred him from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Detroit, so off we went. Natalie and I wrote to each other for a while, but eventually fell out of touch. But I never forgot her.

A couple of years ago, out of the ether, I received a letter from Natalie. As in a handwritten letter on real paper, in an envelope with a stamp, sent through the post office. Natalie had been going through old stuff and found notes that we had written as kids and thought "what the hell." She tracked down my address and wrote me. She was a little nervous that I would think she was crazy, writing me like that. I was thrilled that she thought of me and found me.

One of the greatest things about living in NYC is that at some point everyone comes here. Since we have been back in touch, Natalie has traveled to New York three times for work, so we've been able to catch up in person. Turns out, she's still the nicest, prettiest girl, and we have tons in common. (We even both had a crush on Russ in elementary school.) There's also a small chance that one day we will start an organic farm together. (We just have to convince one of our husbands to pick up everything and move to another state. We're working on it.)

Natalie and I also started blogging at the same time. She blogs about her 52 Resolutions for 2011. The idea is that for one year she will implement a new resolution each week. She chronicles her successes and failures, all of which are totally relatable. I feel like I should be doing them along with her. He blog is aspirational, and at the same time makes me feel okay for not being perfect.

Natalie, who is super dedicated to being a badass at her job, works at Sebago, and recently sent me free boots. FREE boots! Free BOOTS! And they're super cute! They make me almost want the weather to stay cool just so I can wear them.

This is where the giveaway part comes in. Natalie sent me two sizes. I only need one, so she said I could find someone else to give the extra pair to. So if you are a size 7.5 and would like these boots (which are very comfortable and look great with jeans), then enter to win!

To Enter

Comment below and tell me how you feel about emails making handwritten letters obsolete. Myself, I love getting letters. I miss letters. Saving a wonderful email just isn't the same as saving a great handwritten letter. But of course I don't write them anymore, because email is so much faster and easier. What do you think?

If only one of you wears size 7.5, you win! If there are more of you who do, I'll toss your names in a hat and pick one randomly. I'll pick a winner Thursday morning, so you have till then (5/12) at 9 a.m. to enter.


  1. Great idea! And really cool boots. Just wish I wore a size 7.5. :)

    Mom C.

  2. I will force my feet into size 7.5 for those!

    Christine T.

  3. Ooh, is there still time to enter? I'm size 7.5!


  4. I like getting hand written letters
    I like getting free shoes
    I like being a 7.5.
    I like your blog.
    Cathy O'