September 25, 2011

Say hello to my very first guest poster: Catherine Murphy!

For all you Dairy Eaters out there, this post is for you. It's the first post on my blog written by a guest poster, my super-fabulous sister-in-law Catherine Murphy. Last weekend Graybeard and I went out to Hampton Bays, NY to celebrate my favorite in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner at Villa Paul, and Catherine loved her meal, so I asked her if she was interested in writing a review of it, and she was. So without further ado, I am tickled to let Catherine take it from here. (P.S. The pictures are also courtesy of Catherine.)

September 19, 2011

Kale Chips

I still had lots of kale after making the Hearty Kale Salad, so the next day I made Kale Chips. I've been hearing a lot about kale chips lately, and according to EatingWell magazine, if you don't like kale, these will change that. They did for Graybeard. They were delicately crunchy and tasted a like a cross between potato chips and popcorn. They were very good, and I will definitely be making them again. They only took 4 minutes in my oven at 400 degrees, so watch them closely.

September 16, 2011

Hearty Kale Salad

I liked this Hearty Kale Salad (another one from the October issue of EatingWell magainze), with its mushrooms and bacon, and would make it again for myself, but Graybeard wasn't crazy about it. He said that the kale had no taste, which I guess it kind of doesn't raw. But it's frilliness is fun, and with the red-wine-vinegar-based dressing, I thought it was nice. You might have to like kale to like this salad though.

September 14, 2011

Farmer's Market Fried Rice

Now that I once again pick out my own vegetables every week instead of having whatever's fresh plucked from the ground for me by the farmers at Stoneledge Farm, I can buy produce to fit recipes, rather than finding recipes to fit produce. Both ways are fun, but I prefer the creativity of having to cater to the vegetable, and I was just starting to get a feel for what was seasonal in my part of the country. Now I guess I will never know what is in season in September.

September 13, 2011

The CSA: A Flood... Er, Fond... Farewell

My CSA is over for the season. I will remember those days of abundance always... the days when I was rolling in tomatoes, when my bags were heavy with yellow and green squash and enough greens to start a salad bar. Well, the FDA recommended that farmers whose fields were flooded by Hurricane Irene call it quits for the season because there's no telling what kinds of nastiness the flood waters deposited onto their fields (gasoline, chemicals, waste, etc. from other flooded areas). If someone got sick from eating their vegetables after a farmer ignored the FDA's recommendation, they would be liable, and could lose their farm, in addition to potentially making people sick. So now Stoneledge Farm cleans up and gets ready for next year. It's unfortunate, but it's the responsible thing to do.

September 1, 2011

Time for a Luau

My best friend Rachel and her new husband Greg recently got back from their honeymoon in Hawaii, where they climbed a volcano, went parasailing, laid on the beach, ate lots of amazing food, and generally gallivanted around, making the rest of us jealous. Rachel said the fish there was amazing and so fresh that she ate it every night. Now I want to go to Hawaii too and eat lots of fresh fish. Graybeard, is it too soon for a second honeymoon? No? Next week good for you? Great. I'm looking up flights now.

The honeymooners also brought me back a gift from that far-off land: Hawaiian sea salt.