September 1, 2011

Time for a Luau

My best friend Rachel and her new husband Greg recently got back from their honeymoon in Hawaii, where they climbed a volcano, went parasailing, laid on the beach, ate lots of amazing food, and generally gallivanted around, making the rest of us jealous. Rachel said the fish there was amazing and so fresh that she ate it every night. Now I want to go to Hawaii too and eat lots of fresh fish. Graybeard, is it too soon for a second honeymoon? No? Next week good for you? Great. I'm looking up flights now.

The honeymooners also brought me back a gift from that far-off land: Hawaiian sea salt.

What is lomi lomi? I want some of that too.

I think.

Depending on what it is.


Cosmos thought the gift was for him.

He thought he might try it.

He was not pleased to have it snatched from his maw.

I, however, am very pleased with it. Thanks, Rachel and Greg! Such a great gift idea for me: food! Rachel is an excellent gift giver. I'll have to post pictures of the quilted bags, made by her very talented mother, that she has given me over the past couple of years. In the meantime, I am making my way through that sea salt, and trying to figure out how to convince Graybeard that we must go to Hawaii for more when I run out. 

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