October 28, 2011

Welcome to my laboratory

For Halloween I decided to create a creepy laboratory and then stock it full of all kinds of eerie-looking jars filled with dreadful and sinister things for the evil science experiments I'm planning with my newly acquired knowledge of biochemistry.

But then I realized that I don't have the space in my NYC apartment for one jar of pickled pigs brains, much less a spooky laboratory, and that I don't really have the time for ghastly science experiments, and that I don't really know all that much about biochemistry. Also, those are vegetables in those jars, so my evil experiments would be limited to cooking meals, and that's not really so abominable after all.

These are pictures from the beastly laboratory (aka, the hallway) at Founding Farmers, a restaurant in Washington, D.C. Founding Farmers is owned by American family farmers who are committed to sustainability. They "strive" (their word) to buy locally whenever possible, though quality trumps sustainability, so they'll buy food from California or Chilean family farmers, which they explain the reasoning for on their website. Because sustainability is their "thing" (the waitress gave us the spiel when we sat down), I think there should be more focus on buying local--at the very least buying from this continent for everything possible. That said, they're doing a lot already, so kudos to them.

We were there visiting my Baby Brother for the two seconds he lived in D.C. He ordered the Farmer Jon, made of Jim Beam Black, orange curacao, and lemon juice. I didn't try it, but Baby Bro liked it.

Those are the Bacon Lollis appetizer. Forgive me, but those deserve an OMG. They are cinnamon-brown sugar glazed thick-cut bacon and they are absurdly delicious. We seriously considered ordering a second plate, but restrained ourselves. Then we seriously considered it again for dessert; the only reason we didn't is because our great friend Rob had to get up at an unreasonable hour to catch a plane, cause he's always jetting off somewhere or another, even when we'd rather he stay in town and hang out with us. (We see how it is, Rob.)

We also tried the cornbread, which had real corn in it, which is super cool, but despite that, the bread wasn't anything special. I will not be writing home about it.

Rob and I both ordered the slow-braised beef short ribs, which I think we both thought were pretty good. I had mine with sides of potato salad and squash, which were decent.

One could argue that hot dogs are Baby Brother's only food group, so of course he ordered the hot dogs. The first one had pickled jalapenos on it, the second chili, and the third pickled onions. He liked them all.

Graybeard had the skirt steak with chimichurri sauce, which he thought was decent.

He also had the very pretty cauliflower and asparagus sides. How pretty is that purple cauliflower?

Overall, the food was good, the atmosphere was great, and the intention behind Founding Fathers was fantastic--though the Bacon Lollis alone make it worth a trip.

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  1. That looks like one delicious trip! YUM! Sounds like you had a great time.